How a charity saved my life

Anthony Mazzone

When Ross and Amanda walked through my door 18 months ago I had no idea they would save my life.

My husband Anth was so sick with a brain tumour. He’d had a craniotomy to cut out some of the cancer and was back at home, semi-paralysed, unable to walk, only his right arm capable of movement, completely debilitated and reliant on me and carers to look after him. We knew his condition was terminal. But he was very keen to help make a difference in the time he had left. He’d had a successful executive career and he wanted still to be “of use.” He wanted to help brain cancer research so on the recommendation of his neurosurgeon Dr Santosh Poonoose, we got in touch with the Flinders Foundation, the South Australian hospital charity which supports Flinders Medical Centre, where he had his operation.

Flinders was also the…

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